Millennials are Coming

The Cochabamba Bolivia chapter, through the Education and Culture Sub-committee led by the volunteer Noelia A. Colque Mercado, together with the Youth Leadership Committee led by Carla A. Leigue and members of the YLAI network, organized an event called “Millennials” are coming to participate in the week of action to strengthen communities, an initiative launched by the network of young leaders of the Americas (YLAI), which was named:


Week (July 17-24) dedicated to celebrating volunteering, community service and service leadership as key aspects of leadership development.

Millennials are coming on July 22, 2017. At Hrs: 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Bolivian American Center.

It was 5 hours that young people from age 15 shared with renowned leaders and volunteers from 9 different organizations in the city, where each one had an exhibitor, called our invited millennial, who shared all their experience of being part of these organizations and networks. Latin America level, but above all their contribution as agents of change in our community.

Each organization works in different areas, how to be:  

  1. Environment; “GAIA PACHA Foundation” – Rodrigo Meruvia.
  2. Health: Smile Movement- Carmen Julia León.
  3. Youth Leadership and Student Volunteering: Upal Campus Partners- Daneille Cabral, Partners of the Americas- Noelia A. Colque, AIESEC- Veronica Saldias, JCI-Junior Chamber International- Sebastian Arce.
  4. Technological development; GDG Cochabamba- Carlos Collazos.
  5. Undertakings with a social approach: ANANAY- Nicole Flores.
  6. YLAI Professional Fellows: NUTRIFOODS- Wilson Saavedra.

The most important thing is that we all work with a common goal, the development of our community, understanding that:

Working together, we can make a difference!

And it was that same phrase that was used as Slogan by the YLAI network to promote #YLAIEmpowersCommunitiesactionweek which was perfect and aligned with our organizational mission for the development of this event.

“We connect people and organizations across borders to serve and change lives through lasting partnerships.”

“And so we did. Our chapter feels motivated to grow, to generate new institutional alliances for our community to benefit, I consider that this event helped to strengthen us as an organization, so it is also comforting to know that the members of the chapter after seeing all the work done by the Sub -Committee of Leadership Training during the course of these years, demonstrates and believes much more in that the young people who integrate it are able to develop programs and projects with a lot of contribution to the growth of the same and to the organization, for which they also delegate us greater responsibilities within the organized events, they give us support in the elaboration of projects, we are part of the decision-making process so that we get more involved in all the work that the chapter does and so we are part of the board of Sub-Committees, we have all the support to keep growing as young members are concerned , because it is in this way that our chapter will last for many more years, we are proud to participate actively and the contribution we are making to our beloved organization. We know that maybe our projects are small scale, but little by little we are gaining more experience, and as Eduardo Galeano says, I like it a lot: We are proud to participate actively and the contribution we are making to our beloved organization. We know that maybe our projects are small scale, but little by little we are gaining more experience, and as Eduardo Galeano says, I like it a lot: We are proud to participate actively and the contribution we are making to our beloved organization. We know that maybe our projects are small scale, but little by little we are gaining more experience, and as Eduardo Galeano says, I like it a lot:

¨Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world¨

A little about YLAI and the relationship with our organization.

¨The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative is a program developed by the United States Department of State to build links among leaders in the hemisphere.

The members of the network are committed to developing leadership and skills to foster development, security, human rights and good governance in the hemisphere.

YLAI Network trains entrepreneurs and civil society leaders by equipping them with the tools, networks and resources they need to transform their societies and contribute more fully to economic development and prosperity, security, human rights and good governance.

The two pillars of YLAI are the Professional Internship Exchange Program and the YLAI Network.

Specifically, YLAI Network is a vibrant digital community of young entrepreneurs and changemakers from Latin America and the Caribbean who are committed to fostering economic growth and strengthening civil society.

The Network is open to any young leader in the region interested in helping to create a better future for communities and countries, including former Fellows of the YLAI Professional Fellows Exchange Program.

Through the Network, which is managed by the Office of International Information Programs of the United States Department of State, members have access to online courses, advice and resources.

       (Available at: )

Currently members of Partners in Cochabamba, are part of the YLAI network, some were granted grants by the Embassy of the United States of America in Bolivia, to participate in program events, such as TECHCAMP 2017, an event dedicated to training young people with technological tools that help to better manage and promote all the projects carried out in their communities, in which 65 young people from Latin America and the Caribbean participated, a large majority of the 15 participants from Bolivia belonged to the YLAI internship program , but also others were selected, among them Noelia Colque Mercado who was part of the 3 selected from the city of Cochabamba, along with 2 young entrepreneurs, Wilson Saavedra (Former Fellow) and Nicole Flores, entrepreneur with a scholarship to participate in this event. (Available in: )

 That is how, gathered together by the network, we began the project of “Millennials are Coming” together, and we invite organizations to join this initiative.

We believe that the event had a positive impact on the 40 young people who participated, we strive to encourage them to leave their comfort zone and be part of volunteer programs, work in ventures with social impact, participate in cultural exchanges, professionals, and that with all that experience they become leaders in their communities, we encourage them to believe in their ability to dream and have a vision of everything they can contribute. We believe that with the example we gave, they felt empowered to work together with us, to work for and for our community, but above all to enjoy this lifestyle that we have.

I also believe that with the organization of this and other events held during the year along with the projects developed, we have strengthened the leadership of the entire youth team, between new and old members, so as a chapter we are proud that For the first time there is an active Youth Leadership Sub-Committee, which works according to the methodology of the YouthLead program, the Sub-Committee on Education and Culture of Cochabamba, has developed a program similar to the guidelines already officially established by the office. in Washington, for which guidelines have been developed based on established objectives, schedules of activities between workshops and events, etc., in which we motivate and empower all young people to become agents of change in our community and as certified leaders,based on the 4 pillars:

1.- INDIVIDUAL- Development of leadership 2.- TEAM- Mutual understanding.

3.- SERVICE- The commitment to the service 4.- ACTION- The long-term commitment.

So also each member must elaborate and actively work on a project of the area of ​​their choice, receiving the support of the whole team during the planning, execution, and if necessary also, the mentoring of chapter members specialized in the different areas.

It would be very productive that in Bolivia, the YOUTHLEAD program could be officially carried out, in the 3 chapters, to work together in the formation of leaders aligned to our mission.

On the other hand, there is also a guideline of annual recognitions that has been prepared as incentives, these are certified by; Participation in workshops, organization of events, developed positions, hours of volunteering completed, etc.

This is in support of their training and curriculum, which will help them in the development of their personal and professional lives. 

There is a POA drawn up in both Sub-Committees for a year full of activities that support leadership training and this is how, for the first time, we have a delegation of 5 Chapter youth who are motivated to become more involved with the organization. participated in an international convention of Partners of the Americas, this time of the “Works Works” and Retreat of Youth Leadership, held in Medellin, Colombia, which contributed as inspiration to learn from the best practices, to take risks, learn new cultures and relationships with other leaders throughout the continent that help us open up to new ideas that can contribute to our community growing consciously and responsibly.

I know there is a long way to go but we are willing to continue working for this great organization that is our family and the pride of being part of a positive change in our community. 

Special thanks to all the volunteers who made ¨Millennials are coming¨ possible:

  • Our invited Millennials.
  • Members of the Leadership Training Subcommittee, (Daniel Boris Mejía, Viera Eterovic, Nicole Antezana, Henry Flores Carmona, Jessy Fernandez, Carla A. Leigue.) Who contributed all the logistics and organization.
  • Nicole Flores, who made all the creative design of logos and image for the promotion of the event.
  • To the Directory of the Cochabamba chapter for all the support, to the Committee of Education and Culture for the planning and organization.
  • To the Bolivian American Center for supporting us with the audience.

Available more photos of the event on Facebook: Partners of the Americas-Cochabamba